Natural England Design

Client: Natural England
Date: April 2010

“Hannah ran with our proposal to provide a creative and beautiful product that surpassed our initial ideas. She was clear, organised and responsive throughout the project, making her a delight to work with. We were impressed from the outset with her management and quick turnaround of results, and most importantly we are delighted with the illustrations.”

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There is an amazing area some miles off the coast from Morecambe Bay and hidden underwater, known as Shell Flat. This is a sandbank which plays host to hundreds of interesting, unusual and exotic looking species.

As an incredibly valuable part of the ecosystem, sandbanks get little attention so Natural England, who work to protect and improve our natural environment and encourage people to get out and enjoy England’s wonderful surroundings, commissioned me to create an informative, engaging illustration to show people the life contained in these sandbanks as well as highlighting the importance of such habitats as nursery grounds for commercial fish. This comes alongside a proposal to protect Shell Flat as a Special Area of Conservation.

Following on from the illustrations I did for Natural England, we worked on putting them together into some designs that could communicate various aspects of the sandbank and the relationships between the animals. Natural England wanted to have resources that they could use to inform the general public along with fishermen and other industries that worked in the area.

Drawing all the animals together and placing them in their natural environment on a large poster, we showed how they interact with each other, which eat which, and all the vital statistics.

For more on this project, have a little look over at the individual species illustrations in closer detail.

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