This wedding was extra special as it was my cousin, Flora’s, and happened over at their home in Connemara, on the west coast of Ireland. Flora has known Ronan since, well, either high school or nursery (there is a little debate over whether either of them actually remember each other at nursery). So the wedding has been a while coming … 7 years her sister had been planning it!

They were planning a charming, vintage, floral wedding day so we made the stationery to reflect that. Flora loved the idea of creating a marque of their names, which we made into a stamp so it could be used on everything from the orders of services to the menus (… to people’s foreheads … apparently rubber stamping becomes addictive).

The invitations then made use of some yummy textures and patterns and a fabulous array of typefaces to mix things up a little. And a whole lot of designs for the orders of services, tables and favours were done. In fact I was blown away by how creative Flora had been – she’d found gorgeous papers for the covers of the orders of services and favour boxes, which just looked fantastic with the typography I’d done for her.


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