Cafe on the Corner Logo Design

Client: Cafe on the Corner
Date: February 2012

Cafe on the Corner facebook page (external link)

This local community cafe has just launched in Fallowfield, Manchester. Offering good quality drinks and cakes as well as free wifi, kids play area, reading library and planned craft activities, swap shop and ESOL to come, it is really filling a gap and serving the community in a fantastic way.

I was approached to initially design the logo and set a flexible visual style in motion that would reflect the cafe’s identity as an inclusive, crafty place, homemade but with a level of professionalism.

The location was very important to make clear on the first set of flyers we designed, as they had been finding people were confused when hearing about it through word of mouth. So, as the name refers to it’s location too, it made sense to make the logo all about the Fallowfield Triangle, the crossroads where it is located. The stitched lines in the logo become a map on the flyer, and has potential to be used as a visual device throughout any further design.

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  1. MARC
    March 16, 2012

    Design made it possible for us to print it using our Inkjet printer – meant that they could get a couple of thousand flyers with eco-friendly inks on recycled card within their budget – so smiles all round then!


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